Established in 2008. We are located at 1540 East Commercial Blvd. Click for Availability!

All Star Barber, Inc. has become one of Florida's most respected Fine Men's Grooming Services because we provide the highest level of customer service, convenience and integrity in every level of business that we conduct.

Thank you for taking the time out to learn more about All Star Barber, Inc today. All Star Barber, Inc. is a barbershop and shave parlor that provides fine men's grooming, products, and services for all occasions. We know the importance of a good haircut and shave and don't take it lightly.

The Barbershop is the hub for every community where men of every walk of life convene to get their hair cut. The art of a haircut is defined by the Barber providing the treatment. Men should place grooming as their first priority because their appearance speaks volumes about how they are viewed by the public. Don't let anything get in the way of you receiving the All Star treatment. Come in today and meet with a barber that will give you the haircut and shave that meet your needs.Contact All Star Barber, Inc today or stop by our barbershop and shave parlor. You will then know what receiving the All Star treatment is all about.

All Star Barber, Inc. is a barbershop and shave parlor that also allows you to set up a private grooming session that allows you to decide on the people receiving fine grooming services. It may be a private party, wedding party, holiday party, birthday celebration, and more. Choose your package today!

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